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How We Negotiate Better Energy Bills For You

It’s no mystery. When you command as much of the energy market as we do, particularly with all of our extremely large accounts, you end up in a powerful position when it comes to getting energy providers to agree to amazing discounts. Here is how we make these discounts possible for your business . . .

Energy Companies Are Made To Compete For Your Business

We Bring In the Top Energy Providers To Compete

Because we have substantial contracts in place with all of the top energy providers, we are in a position to make the best of them compete aggressively to win your business. Even the company you are currently with!

Providers Must Sharpen Their Pencils

We Make Them Sharpen Their Pencils To Win Your Business

Our providers not only want your account, but also want to become our preferred source. And since they know we are inviting their competitors to bid as well, they give our clients deals they could never negotiate themselves.

Top Energy Bids With Best Discounts

We Bring You the Very Best Quotes With the Most Savings

We are then able to assemble the absolute best quotes available on the market, not only for your electricity but also often for your natural gas as well. We can even include the best quote your current provider is offering. Based on these, you will be able to see right away who will award you the best possible deal on that particular day.

Apples to Apples

And Remember, It’s All the Same Energy (Just Cheaper)

We’re comparing apples to apples here. It’s all the same energy, coming from the same power plants, across the same power lines. You won’t notice any difference whatsoever . . . except that your energy bill is lower every month. Everything else is the same. You’re just saving money.

Escalating Energy Prices

We Even Protect You From Escalating Energy Prices

And what’s exciting is, when we secure the best possible market price for your energy, we can lock that in for you so that you are protected from energy price hikes for another three years. There is already active talk in the media of seeing energy costs double or even triple in that time frame. But while others are feeling the pain of that, your business will be protected.


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Our Guarantee To You ...

As professional energy brokers, we promise to act with the highest integrity and the greatest diligence in securing the best possible pricing on electricity and natural gas for your business. We will negotiate your contract with the best energy providers in your state and bring you the top quotes so you can save money, and we will protect that pricing for you by getting your discounted price locked in and guaranteed for a term of three years no matter how high the market might swing in the meantime. In this way, even if the market price goes through the roof, you will continue to enjoy your low pricing for years to come.

Cut Your Energy Costs - Guaranteed

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